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Installation Guidelines
     The best mirror job is one that is not only striking in appearance but one that was trouble-free during installation. Proper techniques, carefully and professionally employed can virtually guarantee this kind of result. To help ensure the best results read and follow these tips for professionals:

  • Always use gloves when handling any mirror to prevent damage to the face or backing from skin-borne salts and chemicals.
  • Whenever possible, layout a mirror installation prior to taking it to the job site that way any errors in cutting or sizing can be caught and fixed immediately and no excessive handling will occur.
  • Never install mirrors on new plaster, new masonry or freshly painted walls without proper sealing. Also do not install in construction areas when airborne solvents and heavy-duty cleaners are in the air.
  • In humid climates wait until the air-conditioning is operating before installing mirrors.
  • Never install mirrors outdoors without additional engineered protection for the backing of the mirror.
  • Set mirrors off the wall with an open air space behind to provide ventilation for the backing whenever possible.
  • If mastic must be used be sure it is approved for mirror use. Mechanical fastening devices should always be used with mastic. This can help prevent injury or damage from the mirror in the event of the mastic failing.
  • Be certain that the room or space in which the mirror is to be installed is properly ventilated during and after installation.
  • Never permit edges of the mirror to be exposed to "puddling" conditions such as on back splashes.
  • Be sure there are adequate tolerances between installed mirrors to avoid later problems as the building settles.
  • Mirrors should be one of the last items installed in new construction after final cleanup.

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